Abstract: Ningbo Haishu Gaoqiao Yaosu Mould Manufacturing Factory is a professional small household appliance plastic mould kettle processing factory, which is mainly engaged in the design, development, customization and wholesale and retail of small household appliance plastic mould kettles. The products are sold well in Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai , Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places.

Plastic mould kettle for small appliances

Product Details

In everyday households, plastic kettles are small household appliances that are used very frequently. And one of our molds: plastic molds for small appliances , produced The plastic of the kettle is not only safe and reliable, but also equipped with a conventional anti-water accumulation power chassis, temperature-sensing insulation, no manual operation, non-slip handle, seamless stainless steel liner, double-layer insulation, water temperature maintenance is more durable, and an automatic temperature limit control is added Device (mainly bimetal constant temperature controller or magnetically controlled constant temperature automatic switch).

Our bimetal thermostat or magnetically controlled thermostat automatic switch can effectively guarantee the safety performance of the electric kettle. When the water boils, the generated steam deforms the bimetallic piece of the temperature sensing element, drives the micro switch to cut off the power supply, and greatly improves the safety performance of the electric kettle. The temperature-limiting controller in some high-quality electric kettles uses a new type of heat-sensitive material similar to memory alloy (automatic constant temperature control switch). When the water level in the pot is lower than the electric heating tube (the temperature of the electric heating tube exceeds 100 ℃), it automatically The thermostat control switch will automatically cut off the power supply to protect the electric kettle from being burned. The general plastic kettle material is PP polypropylene PVC polyvinyl chloride. Polycarbonate is a colorless and transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. Due to its colorless and transparent and excellent impact resistance, the kettle is beautiful and safe.

Small appliance plastic mold kettle case:

High-strength plastic kettle
Stainless steel kettle

Our company has matching injection molding machines 200 grams-2000 grams total 9 sets