Abstract: Ningbo Haishu Gaoqiao Yaosu Mould Manufacturing Factory is a professional power tool plastic mold processing factory, which is engaged in the design, development, customization and wholesale and retail of power tool plastic molds. , Wuhan, Chongqing and other places.

Power tool plastic mold

Product Details

Advantages of holding a plastic mold for power tools :

1. Good heat dissipation (large air outlet area) This highly durable power tool design pays more attention to details, its heat dissipation is better, and the air outlet design is larger, so it can be arbitrarily adjusted when the speed angle grinder is working The gear position will not be affected by current even when working at high power.

2. Strong control flexibility (multi-speed speed regulation) Most of the traditional grinding equipment is manual, so the efficiency is low, and the speed control is relatively low.

3. Strong safety (load protection to prevent burning machine) Grinding power tools often have to work for a long time and overload, in addition to requiring them to have good.

4. Strong humanity (composite ergonomic principles) No matter from the weight of the power tool or the design angle of the handle, it reflects its humanity, it is not easy to be damaged after falling, has a long service life, a wide range of application, and a balanced work Strong performance, safe and stable work, and its power system is more powerful, which can meet the polishing or cutting work in different industries and different environments.

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Our company has matching injection molding machines 200 grams-2000 grams total 9 sets