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Quality control and report on the subframe assembly
- 2020-09-11-

In August 2015, our company developed the Huarui MS3 front sub-frame assembly mold, and put it into mass production in March 2017, and there was no problem in the mass production process; in 2016, we continuously developed the front sub-frame of the Sichuan Mustang B62 project Assemblies, Chongqing Changan CS85 front sub-frame assembly and Wuhu Chery M1A project front sub-frame assembly molds, were all handed over to mass production before October 2016, and no quality problems have occurred so far. After 2017, many joint venture brands and domestically produced models (sub-frame assembly molds) were successively developed. As of today, our company has developed no less than 10 models of sub-frame assembly molds (including the front and rear sub) without any problems.