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Quality Control and report of sub-frame Assembly
- 2020-09-11-

In August 2015, our company developed Huarui MS3 front sub-frame assembly die, in March 2017 into mass production, in the mass production process without any problems; in 2016, the company continuously developed Sichuan Mustang B62 Project Front sub-frame Assembly, chongqing Chang 'an CS85 front sub-frame Assembly and Wuhu Chery M1a Project Front sub-frame Assembly die, and in October 2016 before all the transfer into production, so far without quality problems. After 2017, we have developed a lot of joint-venture brands and domestic models (sub-frame assembly die) . As of today, we have developed no less than 10 models of the sub-frame Assembly die (including the front and rear sub-parts) without any problems.