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Matters needing attention when making auto parts molds
- 2020-03-30-

Matters needing attention when making auto parts molds , first of all, we mainly make preparations before the auto parts molds are put on the mold, then we need to pull the mold to the front of the corresponding machine, firmly screw on the corresponding lifting ring and confirm the thimble. Suspend the mold steadily by driving and slowly put it into the machine to align the positioning ring of the machine and the mold. Close the mold slowly and close the mold tightly. Use the pressure plate to bind the mold and slowly send off the crane and remove the crane, and take the palladium off again. Lift high pressure and tighten the screw again and apply to the nozzle. First check whether the mold has any abnormalities or equipment that must be installed before opening the mold. After confirming, slowly open the mold and open the mold to check again whether the mold is abnormal. Find relevant personnel to pick up special auxiliary equipment and debug. Install auxiliary equipment as required and test whether these auxiliary equipment are normal.

When the auto parts mold is lowered, first clean the surface of the mold with a clean cloth, spray it with anti-rust oil, and blow the water in the mold into the barrel. Slowly close the mold, lift the palladium and lifting ring and tighten the crane, unscrew the tightened pressure plate and confirm that there is no abnormality. Slowly open the mold and slowly lift the mold out onto the carriage and the corresponding parts to the mold section, leak the material and clean the barrel to finish it in 5s.

It is necessary to pay attention to the safety accessories, safety shoes and gloves when the auto parts mold is put on and off the mold. When using a crane, be sure to follow the requirements for using the crane. The upper mold should check the machine screw and the screws you use if they are good. The screws must be tightened 5 to 10 times, just tighten, the pressure plate should be parallel to the template. When using the eyebolt, it must be screwed to the end. If it is too long, a gasket must not be used to expose the spiral ring. Keep your head away when using the afterburner (to avoid oil slipping on the ground). When you go up and down the mold, check whether there are dangerous things around you, such as the presence of a robot hand, etc. Working together on two or two must cooperate with each other and pay attention to the safety of others.