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How to identify the quality of auto parts stamping dies?
- 2020-03-24-

We know that most auto parts on the market need to be stamped and formed. According to incomplete statistics, it takes an average of about 1500 stamping parts to manufacture an automobile. Stamping is one of the most basic, traditional, and most important metal processing methods. Various covering parts on the body, interior support parts, structural reinforcement parts, and a large number of auto parts, such as the exhaust pipe and muffler , Hollow camshafts, oil pans, engine brackets, frame structural parts, horizontal and longitudinal beams, etc. are all stamping parts. How to judge the quality of auto parts stamping dies , we can judge by the following points.
1. The formal assembly parts of auto parts stamping dies must be completely assembled to ensure smooth assembly and correct operation.
2. Check whether the shape of the stamping die of auto parts is deformed. Some parts are deformed due to improper manufacturing, transportation and storage.
3. See if the joints of stamping dies for auto parts are flat. During the handling and storage of parts, due to vibration and collision, burrs, indentations, breaks or cracks often occur at the joints, affecting the use of parts. Pay attention to check when buying.
4. Check whether the metal stamping tool parts on the surface of automobile parts stamping dies are rusted. The surface of qualified parts has a certain precision and finish. The more important the parts, the higher the accuracy, and the stricter the rust and corrosion protection of the packaging.
5. See if the protective surface of the metal stamping tool of the auto parts stamping die is intact. Most parts are coated with a protective layer at the factory.
6. See if the rotating parts of the metal stamping tool of the auto parts stamping die are flexible. When purchasing rotating parts such as oil pumps, rotate the pump shaft by hand, which should feel flexible and free of seizures; when purchasing rolling bearings, use one hand to support the inner ring of the bearing and the other hand to support the outer ring. The outer ring should be able to rotate quickly And then gradually stop. If the rotating parts do not rotate, it means that the internal corrosion or deformation, so do not buy.
7. See if the trademark logo is complete. The quality of the original packaging is good, the text on the box is clear, and the color of the overprint is clear.