Under what circumstances will the power tool plastic mold rupture
- 2020-04-03-

Power tool plastic mold cracking is a very common phenomenon, but when the cracking is severe, a template will be divided into several pieces at the same time. Of course, there are many reasons for the direct cracking of power tool plastic molds, from the design and procurement of power tool plastic mold materials to the stamping operation process. The following Yaosu mold introduces you to the reasons for the bursting of plastic molds for power tools.

There is no demagnetization treatment or tipping before the plastic mold of the power tool is not smooth, and there are materials such as broken needles and broken springs in production; This situation is likely to happen. During the blasting design of plastic molds for electric tools, the strength of the mold is insufficient, the distance between the blades is too close, the mold structure is unreasonable, the number of template blocks is insufficient, and there is no backing plate. Improper deformation of power tool plastic mold burst heat treatment quenching and tempering. Practice has proved that the thermal processing quality of the mold has a great influence on the performance and service life of the mold. Improper handling of plastic wire blasting of power tools, improper handling of ground wire cutting and wire cutting gap, cleaning of wire cutting angle and inadequate effect of metamorphic layer. The cutting edge of the die is generally processed by wire cutting. Due to the thermal effect and electrolytic effect of wire EDM machining, a certain thickness of metamorphic layer is generated on the surface of the mold, which leads to a reduction in the hardness of the mold surface and micro cracks, which makes the mold easy to wear early, directly affecting the die blanking gap and the maintenance blade of the mold. , Shorten the service life of the mold. Therefore, during the online cutting process, a reasonable electrical thickness gauge must be selected to minimize the depth of the metamorphic layer. The choice of punch tonnage, insufficient cutting force, and excessive adjustment of the die. The accuracy and rigidity of the stamping equipment are critical to the service life of the die. The stamping equipment has high precision and good rigidity, which greatly improves the die life.